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Tanmai was established in 2005. We are artisans who design, make and sell jewelry and gifts for love.


Tanmai Jewelers endows the world’s finest jewelry, synergizing the dynamic movement with awesome elegance. Jewelry is made through unique craftsmanship that reflects the tradition and style together. Tanmai Jewelers is the renowned Indian Jewelry Stores in Irving Tx, gained great trust and credibility in the US.

Every piece is crafted with perfection!

Jewelry has an emotional connection with your life’s important moments. Tanmai Jewelers is not just a world-class jewelry destination, it is a destination of happiness that cherishes every beautiful moment in your life with a piece of enchanting jewelry that reflects the tradition and values. Tanmai Jewelers is the best diamond jewelry store in dallas, You can find the mix of tradition and modern style jewelry collection with unique designs that mesmerize everyone only at Tanmai jewelers, Indian gold jewelry stores in dallas.

Tanmai Jewelers is the house of awe-inspiring fine jewelry that infuses tradition with creative, contemporary energy. We offer designs that are embodied with a luxurious signature-modern aesthetic that is uniquely ours.

Every piece of jewelry at Tanmai Jewelers is exquisitely crafted with intricate detailing that creates an enchanting masterpiece. At Tanmai Jewelers, it isn’t another piece of jeweler but a soulful art of creating emotion that captures the happiness of your moments big and small. Preserving the traditions along with a spin of modernity in our unique designs is our specialty. From vintage to ultra-modern designs, Tanmai Jewelers offers a diverse collection of remarkable jewelry that makes you fall in love instantly.


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CEO & Founder




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